Saturday, August 29, 2009

"101 Ways To Promote Yourself"

I'm starting a new venture. We all must if we are to progress. I'm stepping into the future because the past is gone forever. The book -- 101 Ways--is by Raleigh Pinsky -- a P.R. person, who promotes herself to a remarkable degree, a living advertisement for Public Relations. My blog has already changed, and will change more as I plow through her book. I'm on chapter one. Naming your Business. Indeed, naming oneself...a difficult first step to be sure. It's the beginning and "a trip of a thousand miles begins with the first step" or something like that. Walk with me.


Book Marketing Buzz said...

Hi Kathryn...I want to thank you for listing my blog in your links...I will reciprocate! This sounds like a neat book and what a neat name, Raleigh. I'd be interested in finding out how your journey progresses while reading the book...sounds interesting!

Book Marketing Buzz said...

Oops, it's The Writer's Life in your links, one of the many many blogs I run, just so it doesn't confuse you with my link here.