Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why No One Does Windows

Washing Windows

You don’t know what you’ve missed seeing until
You wash your windows and
Watch your dingy world clarify itself.
You hum as you work and ask yourself
“Why don’t I do this more often?”

The outside looks great until you’re inside
And you see a smudge--a streak that got by you.
You mosey outside, sure it will be the last time
And you look through, assuming perfection.
Now it’s smeared on the inside.
The smudge that wasn’t there is there now.
Back and forth; in and out. And then finally…
It looks good!


You start to walk away; and turn your head
For one last look at your beautiful, flawless windows.
But from this new angle --
Another streak.
You walk back-- rag in hand.
You are no longer humming.
In fact, you are cussing.
You think, “Newspapers will do the trick.”
You will win. You know it.
You can smell sweet victory.
You wipe feverishly,
Holding your breath until you are ALL done.
You step back, gasping. Your arms ache.
A smile twitches at your lips.
“HA HA. I Win,” you say to yourself until --


Your laughter slows. Your grin frowns.
There. In the corner. Right near the bottom.
What is that?
There’s another.
One more.
Oh, to hell with it.

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